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Bringing Genealogy to Life

Specializing in: Maine & New England, mid-Atlantic, & mid-West research, Missouri Germans, 18th century Philadelphia

Oliver Wendell Holmes said "every man is an omnibus in which his ancestors ride." The search for one's ancestry is engrossing, time consuming, and rarely disappointing. The present is always part of the past, not only in the broad historical sense but also in the individual personal sense. Once we find our ancestors we want to bring them to life and get to know them better and in so doing we get to understand ourselves better. 


Gen-nections, a Maine based genealogical research service operated by Pam Stone Eagleson, offers assistance to those in search of their roots. Pam will either lead you step by step through the genealogical research process or conduct your research for you. Whether a one time assignment or an ongoing project, all research is conducted in a timely manner using effective investigative genealogical methods.


Pam uses the resources of several Maine, New England and national repositories. She regularly attends genealogical conferences and institutes.

It is her hope that through her research, teaching and consulting she will help bring your genealogy to life.