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In Search of an Ancestry: The Stone-Shearmire Family History written and published by Pamela Stone

Eagleson, 1984.  Library of Congress Catalog Card # 84-70711.  $37.00 (includes postage)


“Well researched and pleasantly written. The compiler has traced her parents' ancestry back from Missouri to their emigrant ancestors and their original homes, with several interspersed areas covered…” 

The St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly

“...Charts showing the ancestry of each family, many photographs, and maps make this an attractive book. There is a full index. “ 

The Virginia Genealogist

“...A full-name index, several maps covering the areas of Bucks County, Penn; Utica, Missouri area; Virginia; Licking County, Ohio; Massanutten Region of Virginia; Ulster County, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Bureau County, Illinois; etc., and a nice selection of photos complete this family history.”

The Genealogical Helper

Nein Konig Da Starting Over: The Henzes of Einbeck, Germany and Hermann, Missouri  written and published  by Pamela Eagleson, CGsm, 2006.  

45 page booklet with documents and pictures.

$15 (includes postage).